Ministry of External Relations

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Responsible for advising the President of the Republic of Brazil on the formulation and execution of Brazilian foreign policy. The Ministry of External Relations - Itamaraty, as it is known - has three landmarks in its history. The first one was in 1750 with the signing..
 of the Treaty of Madrid, when Alexandre de Gusmão negotiated the borders issue established by the Treaty of Tordesillas.
The second was in 1808 with the transfer of the Portuguese Court from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro as a result of Portugal being occupied by Napoleon's forces; lastly, in the years following independence in 1822, came the process of the recognition of Brazil during the monarchic period.
It was over that period, spanning almost two and a half centuries, that Brazilian diplomacy laid down its fundamental principles, with the peaceful resolution of disputes, non-intervention and then chiefly from 1945 onwards with the creation of the UN and Brazil's close yet unbiased involvement in the most important international forums. From the very beginning, the Brazilian Foreign Office was able to rely on some notable diplomats such as the Viscount of Uruguay, the Viscount of Rio Branco, the Baron of Rio Branco, Oswaldo Aranha, San Tiago Dantas and Araújo Castro.
Today, Brazilian diplomacy has updated its principles, emphasizing the process of regional integration with Mercosul and other regional and financial bodies. It has also been heavily involved in the discussion of important topics on the international agenda including issues such as the protection of human rights, ecological conservation and the maintenance of peace. At the same time, it has strengthened its links with the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries and has structured itself in order to meet the needs of Brazil and foreign policy in as agile a manner as possible. In this regard, Itamaraty is carrying out its activities abroad through 96 Embassies, 6 Missions attached to international organizations, 42 Consulates and 19 Vice-Consulates as well as by means of services such as trade promotion, consular duties and the spreading and communicating of Brazilian language and culture.
Internally, the Brazilian Ministry of external relations has been improving both its organizational structure and its diplomatic activities as well as the services provided by such areas as the Ceremonial Section. For this, it is supported by a structure that includes its headquarters, the Itamaraty Palace in Brasilia; the Itamaraty Palace in Rio de Janeiro is the former headquarters and present day offices of the Foreign Office with representation for the States of Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Pernambuco as well as support organizations such as the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (Funag) and the Rio Branco Institute. The various activities carried on by Itamaraty include the demarcation of Brazilian borders.
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